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The Line in Space - Barbara Halnan, Michele Elliot, Anne Mosey and Elke Wohlfahrt: opening drinks 3-6pm Saturday 17 March

Barbara Halnan, Michele Elliot, Anne Mosey and Elke Wohlfahrt create four separate installations in which line is a prominent element. Line, as the extension of a point may be elaborate or simple, free floating or defining, straight or curved. The modernist edict of “taking the line for a walk” has allowed line its own integrity, eventually drawing away from pencil on paper into space and location. These 4 installations use line as a means to respond three-dimensionally to the architecture of Articulate project space.
Barbara Halnan stimulates visual excitement through the interaction of sets of lines between a two-dimensional wall drawing and a three-dimensional drawing in space.
Michele Elliot creates a wall work, comprised of mapping pins and meters of thread. She traces the edge between both the landscape and memory and the past and present.
Anne Mosey’s site specific work uses the available daylight to create lines of light within the space that move across the space during the day.
Elke Wohlfahrt uses the line as an expressive vehicle.  Her brightly coloured  timber installations are linked to painting.
Notation 2011 - Barbara Halnan

bluff 2011  -  Michele Elliot

Indeterminately Lined -  Elke Wohlfahrt.

The exhibition is open from Saturday 17 March to 1 April, 11am-5pm Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Please join the artists for drinks 3-6pm Saturday 17 March .
For more information please contact
Articulate project space, 497 Parramatta Road, Leichhardt (b/w Norton&Elswick St, opp Cass Bros)