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Hong An James Nguyen This drawing is a diktat 2012 (day 1) 

This drawing is a diktat. Specifically prescriptive: plastic bags, magnets, helium, Fe3 O4 , tape and beer. Diverting from this idea, I have attempted to be inclusive. Audience as entropy... drawing as indifference. If "...Participation is only another word for consumption" *

Then cheers to that! *Thomas Hirschhorn, 2010.
Hong An James Nguyen This drawing is a diktat 2012 (day 3) 

Andrea Baxter Constructed View 2012

Graphite on Paper/Tracing/Acetate. 

‘Constructed View’ considers the architectural space as site and the role of the body in spatial perception. It questions how we map and interpret a space of existence and how to create a space of potential. The drawings aim to locate and understand the space at Articulate. Based in Melbourne I have relied on the vehicle of technology through the avenues of digital media to build a comprehensive spatial knowledge of the space I have not personally experienced. Displacement and disorientation from a physical and psychological viewpoint manifest as an opening up of space, a dissolving of walls, a composition without boundaries. By disrupting our impulse to comprehend the space around us, a fractured reality results.

Therese Keogh for when the bank of the dam becomes an island (from Bell's Swamp Project2012
 (structural pine, ply, paper)

Bell’s Swamp is a periodic water body, resting northwest of Maldon in the Victorian goldfields. The shallow basin of the swamp is situated at the intersection of both roads and fenced off areas of farmland. For the majority of the time the swamp is dry. Lying dormant, it is home to a large collection of native trees, a few dams, sheep and some introduced weeds. However, once every fifty years or so heavy rain falls over the area. When the surrounding paddocks become completely waterlogged the swamp is filled with runoff. As the water level rises, the three roads that cross at its centre become submerged, the trees get wet feet and the dams that were dug into the soil during the drought are faced with an inversion of the relationship between earth and water; the banks of the dams become islands. see more

Mellissa Thompson Conditioned lines 2012 ( Pencil, cotton, pins, nails) 

Initially, the line installations came from my experiences with sounds and silence. Using line to translate the sound of a place into a physical form, along with the repetitive nature of its construction, reveals the interconnection between the audio environment and myself. Over time, my installations have become more directly influenced by the features of the place in which the drawing exists. Overall, my work is generated by an experimentation with line and my own relationship with my surroundings.