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PLACED - installation drawing by Andrea Baxter, Therese Keogh, James Nguyen and Mellissa Thompson

PLACED is an exhibition of installation drawing by Andrea Baxter, Therese Keogh, Hong An James Nguyen and Mellissa Thompson, and curated by Maryanne Coutts as part of the Drawing Season at the National Art School. 

PLACED is an exhibition of drawing that is placed; that exists in physical space, resides in exploratory thinking and, with artists from Melbourne and Sydney, brings about dialogue between related practices across different locations. It places the work of recently graduated artists into a discourse about directions of contemporary drawing.  

Considering the nature of drawing to be an activity, a sensibility and a language that tends to have a special and exploratory relationship with space, the exhibition presents work that subtly and carefully teases out possibilities that the practice of drawing can enable.

Opening: Friday August 24th, 6-8pm.

Opening hours: Friday – Sunday, 1 – 6pm, August 24 - September 2.