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a project by five artists working in one space:
Beata Geyer, Christine Myerscough, Margaret Roberts, Jacqueline Spedding & India Zegan.

Open before & after the opening: 11am to 5pm Fridays to Sundays, 3-12 Jan
+ by arrangement eg via etalucitra@gmail or txt 0425277462 

The artists plan to work together in the project space in the time leading to the opening and the public is invited to engage with that process.

The title is used because to splice is to graft things together so that they connect with each other without masking their different origins. The project attempts to address the challenge of Articulate's long project space where artworks cannot be separated into their own exclusive, walled space (unless artists specifically build walls for that purpose, which no one has done yet). In this project, five different art practices come together in that one space, planning to make connections with each other but without trying to merge into one whole. The line through SPLICE indicates the experimental nature of the project and the intention to be selective about where and how works and practices connect.

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Beata Geyer
Christine Myerscough
India Zegan
Margaret Roberts
Jacqueline Spedding