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Jacqueline Spedding
Margaret Roberts
Beata Geyer

Anticlockwise: Margaret Roberts, Beata Geyer
India Zegan, Christine Myerscough
India Zegan

Beata Geyer
Beata Geyer
topdown: Jacqueline Spedding Beata Geyer
Margaret Roberts India Zegan Beata Geyer
L-R: Beata Geyer India Zegan
Christine Myerscough India Zegan
Christine Myerscough
topdown: India Zegan Margaret Roberts

Beata Geyer, India Zegan, Margaret Roberts

 Beata Geyer LEMON (Form Drawings) 2014 is an installation that explores an emergence of form in the intersection of line, space and architecture loosely based on the series of my recent drawings. It also references my previous project LEMON (Ian Millis Project) 2013 shown in Artspace.  The materials used are: rope, coloured paper, paper tape, canvas fabric, stretched canvas, wood, plastic, acrylic paint, bulldog clips.

Christine Myerscough
Christine MyerscoughTelegraph 2014. Australian landscape is criss-crossed with a network of telegraph poles. If you look closely you will find that each one has a number. This series is works in progress exploring the fine detail with a wider outlook and the intersection of technology and industry with the natural world.

Jacqueline Spedding, Beata Geyer, Margaret Roberts

Margaret Roberts Multitude 2014. Katarzyna Kobro's Spatial Composition 9 is usually represented by a particular three-quarter 'side-on' image. Multitude 2014 is a type of expanded film or photography, or neo-cubism, as it selects flat shapes made by photographing the round Spatial Composition 9 from some of the multitude of other positions possible, and returns a rudimentary three-dimensionality to them through their interaction with their materials (plywood, fabric, felt, texta & paper), the architecture and the gravity in which they are placed.

Jacqueline Spedding, Night Song, 2014 
I am interested in cultural interpretations of nature and how they determine our understanding of our physical selves and the environments we inhabit.  For this work, bare branches, broken down garden pots, terracotta pipes and insect remains evoke a subterranean and emergent landscape within the project space, exploring the transitional space between nature and culture.

Jacqueline Spedding Beata Geyer
Jacqueline Spedding Margaret Roberts
Beata Geyer India Zegan
Beata Geyer Christine Myerscough 

Beata Geyer Margaret Roberts
India Zegan Beata Geyer Margaret Roberts

India Zegan Museum of Fathers #40: Fog drawings (2013) (detail) 
India Zegan 
1. Museum of Fathers #39: 30 irregular minutes(1999-2013) 120x 120x 8.4cm, plywood, mdf and consolidant; Special thanks: Steve Mori
2. Museum of Fathers #40: Fog drawings (2013) 7.4x 10.4cm; 8.5x 11cm; 8,5x 11cm; 8,5 x 11cm; 7.5x 11cm; Found e-photograph, archival paper and pencil; Special thanks: Richard Crampton. 
3. Museum of Fathers #41: Raft (2014), plywood, consolidant, found objects,  diameters: 66 & 68.7cm; depth: variable; 
4. Museum of Fathers #42: Slow (2014), archival paper & coloured pencils, 175cm x 145cm;