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Andrew Simmons' JERK: The Domestic Circuit opens Friday 17 January 6-8pm

Opening Friday 17 January 6-8pm 2014
ARTIST’S TALK: 1-2pm Saturday, 25 January 2014
Open till 2 February 2014, 11am - 5pm

JERK: The Domestic Circuit is a spatial involvement project by Andrew Simmons which aims to temporarily transform Articulate project space into a demonstration of how his private domain operates. The work is a setup of sculptural assemblages and dividing units which are all connected to represent the hidden circuitry of a household and the appliances which function within the home. It is an evocation of sedentary behaviour and an upheaval of privacy which results in a construction of low, dark and narrow spaces to create a sense of being trapped and vulnerable at the same time. The use of circuits to distribute water, electricity, air and light throughout the home is a representation of how one almost has a complete connection to an outside space without ever having to leave.

Andrew Simmons has recently finished three years studying for a BFA at the National Art School in Sydney and is now intending to develop his interdisciplinary practice with focus on installation and performative art. His work investigates communication and construction between private and public spaces and how people respond to situations which involve change and direction.