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Articulate Turns Four: Colour, Line, Form - selected works

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Elke & Peter Wohlfahrt Articulate Ramp_2014 –
Formed circle of galvanized iron, hand-hammered gravel in 4 grades

I have been watching for over a year how Peter turns the undesired concrete slab under our 
deck into something else. He first jackhammers it into smaller slabs, then subdivides those into
 fist-sized rocks. Then with two differently sized hammers at the same time, he shatters the 
rocks to rubble. It doesn’t end there. He then sieves the rubble through self-built filters into six 
different sizes of gravel. A machine would do all of this in no time. But it is not about speed or 
about something to do with the gravel. It’s about the process and Peter’s way. Earlier this year 
we travelled together to the land art sites in the USA. It seemed to me a logical consequence to
 combine Peter’s handwork with my passion for land art. Together we have developed a piece 
that turned out a homage a Robert Smithson’s Amarillo Ramp. We used gravel in 4 different 
grades; each grade dedicated to one year of Articulate project space. Congratulations.

Andrew Simmons Unloaded – Homemade soap, turmeric, linen, enamel paint, armature wire,
 oak wood, PVA glue, acrylic paint, aluminium foil, kitchen paper
Simmons has an approach to his works in video and sculptural installation, which could be 
described as bricolage. It is the utilisation of basic materials to construct unstable forms and then 
document their use through video or photographic stills. The presented work for this particular
 exhibition is a first for experimenting with homemade soap.
Laine Hogarty ME U US 2014 – Cement sheet, acrylic paint, 3 parts – approx. 500x200mm
Christmas is a time to gather together and to consider others with kindness and appreciation. 
Addressing the theme line, form and colour — the angled arrangements of flat letters and use of 
blended colours considers our human

Lynne Barwick All Art Applied 2014
Lynne Barwick is a Sydney based artist who uses text in her paintings and installations to explore the relationship
 of language and visual representation. Barwick’s works assert propositions, construct debates and assume 
identities to chatter, observe and contradict each other. Incorporating techniques from concrete poetry, literature 
and conceptual art, recent works have examined materiality.                          

Margaret Roberts spd-blp 2014 – Ply, paint, shoe polish, metal, found wheels 
I thought blps were invented by Richard Artschwager in the 1960s, but actually they have been around
 a long time and he just began using them then. I use them as indicators of the space that is common
 to all places, as I understand he did. I remake and adapt blps and other past spatial artworks partly to recognise the 
many decades over which artists have worked to contribute to the revaluation of place by the new relationships
 they construct between the abstract space of artworks and the actual space they occupy. The vacant 
abstraction of blps acknowledges the live nature of actual space by simple contrast, hopefully reducing the 
everywhere-nature of actual space that makes it seem invisible. Other blps made during 2014 
can be seen on Phil Spark made the legs.

Sardar Sinjawi After a beam of light:  ideation 2014 – Mixed media
Such an instinctive question has never left me with a single answer.
It grows with me as I grow. I am faced with the dilemma of painting as a discussion and technical problem in this post medium era.
I work primarily with three dimensional objects and use different mediums, to create contemporary artworks.
I strongly believe that art should be pure, spiritual and left untouched by something that pure art does not want to hold.

Shirley Cho as is 2014 – Silver leaf,
Shirley Cho is an Australian multidisciplinary artist of Korean heritage with a background in both 
visual and applied arts, exploring conceptual and spatial concerns through objects and installation,
 materials and processes. Her work explores different themes ranging from the Hiroshima bombing
 to intricate human relationships, reflected through personal histories and a deep understanding
 of the significance of the materials and processes she is creating with. By communicating something
 of the quality and physicality of space, her installations encourage viewers to engage with the work
 not only visually, but also intimately like the making process she immerses herself in. 
Shirley is currently based in Germany.
Sue Pedley Paint Box 1-3. water colour paper, thread and beakers 
 Sue Pedley researches issues connected to place, community, culture and history in 
relation to materiality, site-specific installation and interdisciplinary practice.
Tom Isaacs Hypercube – A 4-dimensional analogue of a square, executed in the style of Sol Lewitt's open cubes.
Tom Isaacs is a Sydney-based performance artist and sculptor. His artistic practice is an exploration of the 
relationship between art and spirituality, informed by his research into art history, philosophy, 
theology and psychoanalytical theory.
Toni Warburton ebb 1 2014 – Watercolour on Arches paper
To open the gaze to sensations of peripheral vision, colour scatters shape into ground across a template 
generated grid pattern. My littoral zone works seek to create analogues of being seeing living things through
 air light time water gravity (wind sunlight water wave motion tide). 
Left above: India Zeghan Die Papageien 2014 – Colour pencils on archival Fabriano paper 
The work currently on display is the 4th drawing from a suite of autocartographical drawings 
titled, ‘Die Papageien’ (2014-2015). Zegan is currently investigating spectral inflections 
and atonal possibilities within automatic drawing.
Left below: Beata Geyer OPEN MODULAR (purple + blue)_2014 – MDF, paint
Right: Lisa Andrew Wall Sleeve 2014 – Lycra, polyester, interfacing, Georgette, inkjet. 
Wall Sleeve is new work, in response to Colour Form and Line, and is an assemblage of printed and 
solid textiles drawing on the material connection of surface, colour, weight and the image. 
Andrew is represented by Conny Dietzschold Gallery.
Jane Gavan Paper Chain 2014  Recycled paper.
Ribboned reams of recycled paper, discarded from a local factory, combine to express 
the elemental sculptural aspects of line colour and form. Using primary colours 
and working with the fall and folds of the paper edges - Paper Chain recalls 
the simple pleasures of our early creative works. Gravity plays
 into the formation of these interlocking generous ellipses. The alternating stripes 
of colour on the face of each fold create combinations of rhythmic patterns.

Yvette Hamilton Study for an Echo – Custom made programmed lightbox, LED lights, mirror film
Yvette Hamilton works in photomedia, video and installation. Her interdisciplinary practice creates work that explores 
both physical and virtual space through the convention and framework of portraiture. This exploration acts as a 
launching platform to explore the enmeshed concepts of place and being-in-the world.

above Photos: Margaret Roberts

Front: Tom Isaacs Hypercube 2014  back: Sergio Plata The Marin woman 2014