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DOMESTICATED - final weekend, closing drinks 3-5pm Sunday 14 December

Domesticated is open Friday to Sunday from 11am to 5pm to Sunday 14 December.
Closing drinks on Sunday 14 December 3-5pm

Domesticated is an exhibition curated by Lesley Giovanelli of work by Will Cooke, Adrian De Giorgio, Robyn Donoghue, Beata Geyer, Anne Graham, Bettina Hill, Sione Falemaka, Steven Fasan, Mim Fluhrer, Lesley Giovanelli, Pip Giovanelli, Francesca Mataraga, Sarah Newall, Elizabeth Pulie, Margaret Roberts, Nuha Saad, Andrew Simmons and Toni Warburton.

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photos below: Margaret Roberts
Andrew Simmons

Pip Giovanelli

Mim Fluhrer

From foreground R-L: chair: Steven Fasan, white floor piece: Margaret Roberts;
 wall: Adrian De Giorgio;  floor: Nuha Saad; blue shelves: Anne Graham.

Adrian De Giorgio

mat: Margaret Roberts, bin: Sione Falemaka, chair: Steven Fasan

foreground sculpture: Nuha Saad; mid-ground blue shelves: Anne Graham

blue stool: Nuha Saad; blue chair: Lesley Giovanelli; orange cupboard Sarah Newell; green circle: Mim Fluhrer

Sione Falemaka

Robyn Donoghue & Toni Warburton

Toni Warburton

Elizabeth Pulie

Bettina Hill

Will Cooke

Bettina Hill

Foreground Beata Geyer; chair Steven Fasan; wall Adrian De Giorgio