HAVE YOUR SAY opened last night

Have Your Say opened last night with the work of John +air, Linden Braye, Beta Blocked, Mandy Burgess,  Jane Burton Taylor, Sue Callanan, Alison Clouston and Boyd, Maryanne Coutts (curated by Lynne Eastaway), Elizabeth Day, Ella Dreyfus, Marta Ferracin, Chantal Grech, Barbara Halnan, Justin Henderson, Virginia Hilyard, Fiona Kemp, Kate Mackay, Ro Murray, Anne Onomous, Sue Pedley, Elizabeth Rankin, Ambrose Reisch, Renay Ringma, Che Ritz, Margaret Roberts, Alan Schacher, Margaret Seymour, Paul Sutton, Lisa Tolcher & Liz Hogan, Gary Warner and Emma Wise.

Have Your Say is open 11am-5pm until Sunday 20 December. 

Rochford Street Review by Bernadette Smith

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Linden Braye
Beta Blocked
Renay Pepita
Barbara Halnan
Elizabeth Rankin

L: Sue Callanan; R Gary Warner
L: Sue Callanan; R Gary Warner

Jane Burton Taylor

Lisa Tolcher & Elizabeth Hogan
Ro Murray

Virginia Hilyard

Emma Wise

Ambrose Reisch
Chantal Grech

Marta Ferracin
John +air

Alison Clouston & Boyd
Margaret Seymour

Ella Dreyfus
Kate Mackay
Renay Pepita
Anne Onomous
Maryanne Coutts

Sue Pedley
Elizabeth Day
Che Ritz
Paul Sutton

Gary Warner