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Remnant Artists' Talks: 3-5pm Saturday 28 January

Artists' talks and opening 3-5pm Saturday 28 January
Opening hours: 11-5pm Sat - Sun, 28-29 January 2017

During the course of the week I have been working with the notion of sticks, planks, panels; enclosure, and permeability in different combinations and constellations. Sometimes they are installations involving relocation of materials and reconfiguring  them in different parts of the space, in relation to the architecture. 
The sounds  of timber became predominant-scraping against itself and surrounding surfaces- clinking and making a loud clatter on the floor as it tumbled and fell . 
At times works needed to be performed. Some of these I documented with video and stills.
At times words or titles for the 'works' became important, marking, as they did, the progressions through time and the shift, however subtle, in conceptual development. In some instances the words  appear in writing in the works. 

Sue Callanan Remnants: fencing repairs and maintenance, January 2017 2017

The overriding title,  'Remnants: fencing repairs and maintenance, January 2017' derives from work done in constructing a new fence around my house. Documentation of the original site to the project space and back again,  become the link between the two environments, forming part of the whole.