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The Waiting Room opens Friday 3 February 6-8pm

Open: 4 February to 19 February

Hours: Friday to Sunday 11am - 5pm

The Waiting Room shows the work of Deborah Burdett, Renuka Fernando, Ro Murray and Mandy Burgess, Susannah Williams and Warren Armstrong.

In this group show, the artists respond to the emotional states we find ourselves in when we wait. In a lift, at the doctors, at hospital, at Centrelink, at the Motor Registry, at bus stations and airport lounges - places where we are temporarily suspended in a state of attentive dependence; unable to make independent decisions; unable to get on with our lives. Interactions with others in the waiting room are strange and artificial. Attempts at occupation are distracted.

But spare a thought for the massive waiting rooms in other people’s lives: refugee camps, nursing homes, cancer clinics. Or in other people’s heads: court cases, mental illness. Or for a culture awaiting recognition of value. Life is literally on hold.

Mandy Burgess and Ro Murray Bridging 2016