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The Waiting Room opens tonight

Open till Sunday 19 February

Artists: Deborah Burdett, Renuka Fernando, Ro Murray and Mandy Burgess, Susannah Williams and Warren Armstrong

In this group show, the artists respond to the emotional states we find ourselves in when we wait. In a lift, at the doctors, at hospital, at Centrelink, at the Motor Registry, at bus stations and airport lounges - places where we are temporarily suspended in a state of attentive dependence; unable to make independent decisions; unable to get on with our lives. Interactions with others in the waiting room are strange and artificial. Attempts at occupation are distracted.

But spare a thought for the massive waiting rooms in other people’s lives: refugee camps, nursing homes, cancer clinics. Or in other people’s heads: court cases, mental illness. Or for a culture awaiting recognition of value. Life is literally on hold.

With ‘Bridging’, Ro Murray and Mandy Burgess continue their exploration of homelessness started with ‘Dorothy’s House’ and ‘We are all Strangers’ at Chrissie Cotter Gallery in 2016. Using simple ply shapes they convey the turmoil and the suspension of life in detention camps.

Deborah Burdetts work ‘thinly veiled lie' addresses the whims of chance in life and death, and the tension between the fact of mortality and the necessity of living a meaningful life.

  Renuka Fernando’s work ‘in memoriam’ reflects on ‘the waiting room’ as the passing of time throughout one's life. This work is a meditation on personal loss after the death of her father.
  Susannah Williams and Warren Armstrong’s virtual drawing and sound piece ‘Baiame’s Ngunna’ is a rendering of one of the oldest technologies in Australia - one that is still waiting to receive the recognition it deserves - in one of the newest and most hyped technologies. The piece gives visitors an opportunity to explore an artistic rendering of the Brewarrina fish traps; stone formations in outback NSW that are reputed to be the oldest man-made structures in the world.