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Open 11am – 5pm Fri-Sun 7 -22 October

TRAFFIC artists' talks: Sunday 15 October  3pm

TRAFFIC is organised by Lisa Andrew and Rachel Buckeridge, and will show the work of artists Poklong Anading, Lisa Andrew, Nicole Barakat, Rachel Buckeridge, Maria Cruz, Gaston Damag, Stephen Eastaugh, Kat Medina, Elizabeth Pulie, Tobias Richardson and Jeona Zoleta.

Tobias Richardson Once I thought I saw you Saint Louis, Senegal 2014/15 Inverted soccer balls Various dimension Image credit: Fiona Morrison

Clothes destined for Vinnies in Sydney often end up travelling a quite remarkable other journey, split along several different trajectories, as their destinations are dependent on how they are sorted and organized, and may even embark on an International course which can lead them to places such as the night markets in Baguio City, in The Philippines.

This exhibition situates this type of traffic in culture (with an emphasis on expanded ideas about textiles, but not limited to textiles) in Articulate project space, which is located on one of the biggest routes into the city of Sydney. Marked by its destination and arrivals - and all the phases in between- Cloth (objects) is one such example of material that does not remain static, rather, it is reshaped “en route” and its value and meaning changed based on its social life along the way.
Some ideas and words: traffic (of all kinds), road traffic- Paramatta vs EDSA in the Philippines (two main arteries into cities) routes, social life of things, travel -movement, alien, exile, displacement, from elsewhere, un-fixed, parallel identity, second-hand night markets (picture: Baguio, the Philippines). Periphery, walking with the devil-appropriation, we are all Caribbean now in our urban archipelago, hoarding mending and up-cycling.

Lisa Andrew

The project is supported by funding from the Inner West Council