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Virginia Hilyard & Gary Warner - opening Friday 27 Oct 6-8pm


sonic sketchbooks

Open 28 October– 12 November 2017

Virginia Hilyard and Gary Warner each has a long history of engagement with audio, in filmmaking, field recording and sound art. For this outing at Articulate project space, they comingle evidence and invention in new sound works for headphone listening.

 sound collecting - left, Virginia Hilyard (Bingleburra), right, Gary Warner (Higashiyama)
somnauralisms explores the affect of intimate chthonic sounds made by sleeping bodies entwined with sonic happenstance, unheard by the unconscious sleeper, though perhaps sensed into a distorted dream soundtrack.  The vigilant recording device listens in the sleeper’s stead, hearing and capturing what they do not in their vulnerable repose.

sonic sketchbooks explores some experiential correlates of aurality and drawing. The space of attentive presence is shared by the performative activities of listening through field recording and drawing, both of which are subjective, internalised, reductive, requiring a commitment of time and an openness to process. 

Constructed from the artists’ field recordings in Australia, Europe and Japan, and sounds made in studio, forest or street recorded with binaural, shotgun, contact and vintage microphones and hydrophones, these new compositions are abstract experimental immaterial sculptures of time, sound and conjured space.