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FERRET 4 opens Friday 16 February 6-8pm

FERRET 4 will show the work of Susan Andrews, Bettina Bruder, Julia Davis, Damian Dillon, Nicole Ellis, Michelle Grasso, Simone Griffin, Adrian Hall, Barbara Halnan, Lyn Heazlewood, Kendal Heyes, Lisa Jones, Michelle Ledain, Tom Loveday, Joanne Makas, Alycia Moffat, Louise Morgan, Isaac Nixon, Renay Pepita,  Sandra Smith, Helen M Sturgess, Elke Wohlfahrt, Jeff Wood and Sarah Woodward.

Michelle Grasso Origami Architecture visually reconstructs the original, material form of modern Sydney buildings into dissolution based, celestial beings. By using editing as a sculptural medium, the captured footage of each individual building is layered and manipulated to aesthetically characterise monstrous body parts and facial features. This dissolutive act of immaterialising buildings into body parts, and facial features obscures the distinctiveness of architecture as a material form, and disperses architectural space from structural function and effectiveness.
Elke Wohlfahrt, The Snow White Box 2018
Adrian Hall | Julia Davis & Lisa Jones

L-R: Louise Morgan | Kendal Heyes | Barbara Halnan | Julia Davis & Lisa Jones

L-R: Louise Morgan | Joanne Makas | Kendal Heyes

top: Michelle LeDain | below: Jeff Wood

Joanne Makas | Lyn Heazlewood

Helen M Sturgess

Sandra Smith

Susan Andrews | Damian Dillon

Tom Loveday | Susan Andrews