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PROXIMITY1881YTIMIXORP opens 6-8pm, Friday 2 March.

Open 11am-5pm, Saturday-Sunday 3-4 March 2018

The PROXIMITY1881YTIMIXORP  exhibition shows the installation/expanded-drawing developed and made in Articulate by NAS students participating in the PROXIMITY workshop of  the Margaret Olley Drawing Week at the National Art Schoolrun by Margaret Roberts and Emma Wise.

PROXIMITY1881YTIMIXORP  will show the work of artists Hannah Barclay, Ned Carr, Madeleine Feist, Gina Fenton, Alana Gloor, Ethan Robertson, Billie Robertson, Jordan Taylor and Debbey Watson.


Ethan Robertson, work-in-progress. Photo: Debbey Watson

Billie Robertson, collateral (road) image. Video: Emma Wise
Billie Robertson, Ethan Robertson

Hannah Barclay

Debbey Watson

Billie Robertson | Debbey Watson

Debbey Watson

Alana Gloor

Billie Robertson Summoned 2018
Jordan Taylor

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