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Steven Fasan's CAN'T LOOK BACK opens Friday 8 February 6-8pm

Open 9-24 February with special opening hours:
    3-6pm Tuesday - Thursday, and 11am - 5pm Friday - Sunday

CAN'T LOOK BACK  shows a body of work that has been developed over the last couple of years, focusing on the inevitability of change. 

One could say that the mechanism of metamorphosis is the only element of life that never changes. The journey of very individual, every country, every historical epoch, of the entire universe and all it contains, is nothing but a series of changes, at times subtle, at times deep, without which we would stand still. The moments of transition, in which something changes, constitute the backbone of us all. Whether they are a salvation or a loss, they are moments that we tend to remember. They give a structure to our existence. Almost all the rest is oblivion.
Jhumpa Lahiri. 'In Other Words'.