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Open 11am-5pm till Sunday 3 February

FERMENT 5 is the final FERMENT exhibition and shows the work of  Lisa Andrew & Rachel Buckeridge, Susan Andrews, Corinne Brittain, Lucinda Clutterbuck and Lewis Argall, Claire GibbonNola Farman, Allan Giddy,  Adrian Hall, Laine Hogarty, Annelies Jahn, Michelle Le Dain, Joyce Lubotzky, Wendy Miller, Louise Morgan, Nadia Odlum,  Anya Pesce, Renay Pepita, Nina Price, Tamsin Salehian, Eva Simmons, Helen M Sturgess, Mark Titmarsh and Elke Wohlfahrt.

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front - back: : Renay Pepita, Eva Simmons, Corinne Britainn, Laine Hogarty

Tamsin Salehian

Laine Hogarty, Wendy Millar, Lisa Andrew & Rachel Buckeridge, Nina Price

Laine Hogarty, Helen Sturgess

Wendy Miller

Allan Giddy

Allan Giddy

Joyce Lobotzky
Nola Farnam

Nola Farnam

Nadia Odlum

Annalies Jahn

Nadia Odlum, Annalies Jahn

L-R: Lucinda Clutterbuck and Lewis Argall, Helen M Sturgess, Nadia Odlum