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Zoom Launch of What do I say about this work now?

Last night 22 people joined the Zoom Launch of What do I say about this work now? Artists, writers, publishers and others were encouraged to participate in this project by writing or talking about one of their spatial works for inclusion in a future post and zoom discussion. 

Screen shot of zoom launch recording

The zoom launch was arranged and conducted by Virginia Hilyard, and the project begun by Margaret Roberts and Sue Callanan speaking about their own earlier works in support of posts already on the blog, and the audience responding in a lively discussion afterwards. This included discussion of space and place, documentation of spatial artwork, how visible information tells you about what you can't see, and the coincidental similarities between the works discussed despite their independent selection. 

Please send your text or other form of reflection on one of your past works ASAP. Those we receive in the next few weeks will form the basis of the next Zoom Discussion. More information about the project is found here.

Next posts will be uploaded soon