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ArticulateUpstairs | Eunjoo Jang - Blended Reality : Newtown series 3

Opening Event Saturday Oct 30th, 1-4pm
Exhibition from Oct 29th until Nov 14th

Open 11am - 5pm | Fri-Sun
Other times by private arrangement with the artist

Artist talks Sunday Nov 7th, 2pm - 3.30pm

Finding myself in the beyond 3 (2020), scratch hologram, oil & ink on aluminium, 94cm x 94cm

“A historical moment: the hologram is now part of this “subliminal comfort” that is our destiny, of this happiness now consecrated to the mental simulacrum and to the environmental fable of special effects” (Baudrillard, 1994, 107).

My practice explores the concept of blended reality, which underpins our contemporary experience. It shows how we have influenced our perception of space and place through geospatial technologies such as Google Earth. 

On a daily basis, I record the spaces I walk through by using mobile and computerised technology, creating aerial views using line drawings and painting on aluminium for the physical or ‘real’ representation. Hand-drawn scratch holograms are then superimposed to represent ‘virtual’ reality. References to digital experience are juxtaposed with analogue methods, thus establishing my interpretation of blended reality. As well as this, the artworks are spatially intriguing, the ‘conjunction’ creates two different features of the surroundings (that is, the schematic architectural drawing of Victorian architecture style and the painting of contemporary architectural style) prompting the intended perceptual effect. Through this process, I hope to create a feeling of emotional and rational affectivity to describe space.

On a cloudy day (2021), scratch hologram, oil & ink on aluminium, 30cm x 30cm

Those were the days (2021), scratch hologram, oil & ink on aluminium, 30cm x 30cm


Conditions of entry:

NSW Public Health Order requires all visitors over 16 years of age,
To sign in with the QR code provided at the entrance,
To have double vaccination, and wear a mask.
Social distancing rules will also apply.
Please don't come if you are feeling unwell.
Articulate is a registered Covid Safe business.