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ArticulateUpstairs | Suzanne Bartos - GO

Opening Event Saturday Apr 9th, 2-5pm
Exhibition from Apr 8th until 24th
Open 11am - 5pm | Fri-Sun

Suzanne Bartos and Juliet Fowler Smith have occupied studios at Articulate since its beginning. In Habitat 497 they incorporate drawing, found objects and other spatial interventions developed in the studio in relationship to the site and individual but overlapping interests. While two distinct works, they share a common interest in expressing the feeling that having a sense of place, safety brings.

I’m taking the 12th century Persian poem by Farid ud-Din Attar: The Conference of the Birds as my starting point. It’s about the commitment it takes to follow a particular path.

I’m combining my interest in children’s play, storytelling and sculptures’ inherent physicality to explore embodied resting.  

Pedestals have always interested me as they translate as a “place for the foot”. But they’re a frame, removing them from real space. From a real resting, in place.  

I’ll be working in the gallery over the period of our occupancy. Do call in and chat with me as I work.


COVID-Safe Measures:

Following the NSW Government’s relaxing of COVID-safe rules, there will be no check-in requirements. Wearing face masks is a personal choice, but we highly encourage you to when social distancing might be difficult. Please do not visit if you’re unwell or, if you have been instructed by health authorities to isolate or are a close contact of an identified COVID case.

The health and wellbeing of our visitors, artists and volunteers is our priority. We look forward to seeing you at Articulate project space.