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ArticulateUpstairs | Sandy Edwards - OUT OF THE BOX -Long Live the Archive

Opening Event Saturday Apr 30th, 2-5pm

Exhibition opens early from Apr 28th until May 15th
Open 11am - 5pm | Wed-Sun

Artist talks | 'Nature of the Archive', Sun May 15, 12-2pm

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To 'unpack' photographs and proof sheets from a lifetime of projects, exhibitions and personal histories as a photographer.

This will be a work in process. Throughout the exhibition photos and proofs will move/grow from the boxes to the walls.

The different archives will be articulated and will clarify a resting place for them to be gifted to, within appropriate institutions.

A major objective of this 'research' exhibition is to endeavour to match different projects to appropriate institutions to gift, place or sell the work so it has a presence for future generations. I want to understand the nature of Deductable Gift Status (DGS) and make wise and informed choices for the placement of my work before I die. I not only want to 'entomb' the work in an archive but rather want to bring alive the personal photography stories which are a rich documentation of a very rich historic period.

A major schism that will manifest is that of my commissioned documentary photography (eg. The After 200 Years Bicentennial Project in which I was sent to Brewarrina to document key indigenous leaders on that community - Brewarrina is two thirds indigenous / one third white) and my personal photography in which I photographed close friends and associated colleagues (my peer group). This work is made up of multiple interwoven narratives which cover both my black and white (and to a less degree colour) analogue photography and the transition to digital primarily colour photography. This is a major archive of another nature to the commissioned projects.

This process will be visible to the visiting audience throughout the exhibition period and a public revelation will be celebrated on the last day of the exhibition.


COVID-Safe Measures:

Following the NSW Government’s relaxing of COVID-safe rules, there will be no check-in requirements. Wearing face masks is a personal choice, but we highly encourage you to when social distancing might be difficult. Please do not visit if you’re unwell or, if you have been instructed by health authorities to isolate or are a close contact of an identified COVID case.
The health and wellbeing of our visitors, artists and volunteers is our priority. We look forward to seeing you at Articulate project space.