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When the markets are nervous, does the value of a person rise or fall? How do you price human feeling? Are we more than two-legged cost and profit centres?

Drawing on the language of technical analysis used in finance, this generative work uses bio-data to produce a ‘self-portrait’, utilizing a decision-based emotion capture system. The work is the result of a durational project that maps emotion in the unstable world of global financial crisis. What music does human emotion generate when it is quantified? Can human feeling produce a beautiful set of numbers?

About the artist:  Helen Grace has no formal art training whatever. She is thus a complete interloper in the artworld, but nonetheless has been making and showing work for 35 years as well as teaching and writing and leading others astray. She is an award-winning filmmaker, photographer and new media producer and her works have been widely exhibited in Australia and internationally and collected by the National Gallery of Australia, the Art Gallery of New South Wales and in private collections internationally. She is currently based in Taiwan, after several years living in Hong Kong.

Her work has been seen most recently in the exhibition, A Different Temporality: Aspects of Australian Feminist Art Practice 1975-1985,  Monash University Museum of Art, 13 October – 17 December, 2011. She presented the solo show, IPO, at the John Batten Gallery in Hong Kong in May 2009 in association with Mori Gallery, Sydney. Her film/video/new media works include Train of Thought (2006). The Immortals  (2005), Lounge  (2004), Dog  (2004) Ost Offic  (2004), Serious Undertakings  (1983)

Opening event: Friday June 29th, 2012, 6-8pm
Show Dates & Opening Hours:
June 29th – July 15th, 2012, Thurs – Sun, 12noon – 6pm