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Second degree: an account of an encounter

As you walked in to the space the light fell on a group of blackened masks or faces, slightly larger than life, installed on the wall to one’s right between the timber posts. It looked as if the masks   may have been covered with bitumen but there was no aroma of pitch.  Their presence hovered within   a perceptual space that was neither scary nor cute.

The next alcove was darkened.  Many small framed objects became illuminated at intervals. A bluish light emanated from photographic images of night scenes in bushland of some sort. As one peered into the images one could begin to perceive amorphous forms; slightly human, slightly animal like (the artists crouched, shrouded in blankets wearing animal ears). To the far left end of the wall, one of these objects depicted a bluish veil. Opposite on the brick wall was a miniature video of a moving image of mist rising from a landscape.

As one continued   to move straight ahead in darkness, the path was closed off with a curved screen.  Mounted above and behind it, a data projector   sent a beam of blue light through the screen and onto the wall: the final motif in the space.  Two small button s on a little game console could be manipulated by the viewer to expand or reduce this blue beam of light into a thin line or a huge blue blob that occupied the entire wall.  There were sounds.