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FERAL 1 opens Friday 9 January 6-8pm


FERAL1 shows the work of Tania Alexander, Linden Braye, Michele Beevors,  Liz Coats,  Kathy Devine, Marta Ferracin, Barbara Halnan, Joanne Makas, Alicia Poppett, Kimberley Peel, Renay Pepita, Anya Pesce, Alan Rose, Margaret Roberts, Katherine Scott, Emma Wise and India Zegan. 

FERAL is a progressive, overlapping exhibition program of about 60 artists that will be open Friday - Sunday 11-5pm between 9 January - 8 February 2015. Its five opening events are Fridays 9, 16, 23 + 30 January and 6 February at 6-8pm, each of which will show the work of a different combination of about twenty artists.

FERAL is designed for artists to experiment with installation or location of artwork in an architectural space that is already altered by the earlier installation of other artists' work, and which will be altered again when another group replaces that earlier installation. It is called FERAL because its progressive overlapping nature is a slightly feral form of exhibition practice, and because FERAL sounds like FAIR ISLE, the 2014 version of the same sort of project. The FERAL/FAIR-ISLE  project is part of the broader Articulate interest in the relationships artworks form with their locations. It does this by focusing in particular on the contribution that the changing installations of artwork make to the constitution of a site.

Anya Pesce

Katherine Scott Heads & Tails B projection 2014

Liz Coats Whiteout ab & ba 2013
Liz Coats is represented by Utopia Art Sydney

Marta Ferracin Domestic Totem 2014

Michele Beevors Toolbelts 2014
Tania Alexander Installation No. 5, 2014
Margaret Roberts whl-blp 2014

Linden Braye - video still from Authorised Personnel Only
Alicia Poppett 2012 ph Ella Dreyfus

Barbara Halnan 2013 
Emma Wise 2013

Alan Rose Geometry and Light 2015 Wood, EPS, acrylic
Renay Pepita

India Zegan (on wall), Margaret Roberts (on floor) 2014