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FERAL 1 open till 5pm today

Artists in FERAL 1 are Tania Alexander, Linden Braye, Michele Beevors, Liz Coats,  Kathy Devine, Marta Ferracin, Barbara Halnan, Joanne Makas, Alicia Poppett, Kimberley Peel, Renay Pepita, Anya Pesce, Alan Rose, Margaret Roberts, Kate Scott, Emma Wise and India Zegan.

Tomorrow, half of the works in FERAL 1 will be removed, and another 10 will be installed for the opening of FERAL 2 on Friday 16 January at 6-8pm. 

above Feral 1 opening photos: Corey Rankin

Emma Wise

Margaret Roberts, Alan Rose, Emma Wise, Marta Ferracin
 Marta Ferracin, Margaret Roberts, Anya Pesce,
 Michelle Beevors, Tania Alexander
above 4 photos: Marta Ferracin
Emma Wise
Kathy Devine
Kimberly Peel
Linden Braye
Michele Beevors
Renay Pepita
L-R: Katherine Scott, Alicia Poppett, Anya Pesce, Margaret Roberts
above photos: Margaret Roberts

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