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FERAL 3 opens Friday 23 January at 6-8pm


Artists in FERAL 3 are  Bianca Burns, Sue Callanan, Andrew Christie, Timothy Corne, Nicole Ellis, Veronica Habib, Justine Holt, Richard Kean, Blaide Lallemand, Martin Langthorne, Melissa Maree, Rachel McCallum, Christine Myerscough, Katya Petetskaya, Jannah Quill, Ambrose  Reisch, Helen L Sturgess, Helen M Sturgess, Elena Tory-Henderson, Judith Torzillo, Allen Alain Viguier and Julian Woods.

FERAL is a progressive, overlapping exhibition program of over 60 artists that will be open Friday - Sunday 11-5pm between 9 January - 8 February 2015. Its five opening events are Fridays 9, 16, 23 + 30 January and 6 February at 6-8pm, each of which will show the work of a different combination of about twenty artists.

FERAL is designed for artists to experiment with installation or location of artwork in an architectural space that is already altered by the earlier installation of other artists' work, and which will be altered again when another group replaces that earlier installation. 

The FERAL project is part of the broader Articulate interest in the relationships artworks form with their locations. It does this by focusing in particular on the contribution that the changing installations of artwork make to the constitution of a site.

Jannah Quill 2015
Christine Myerscough SPLICE 2014 
Richard Kean Aural Labyrinth 2012
Melissa Maree 2014
Andrew Christie Game of Agony 2014
Ambrose Reisch Recall 2015
Katya Petesakaya L:Cycles of a full breath 2015; R: Clock count down 2015 
Sue Callanan 2015
Helen L Sturgess 2015
Veronica Habib video still 2013