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14 February - 01 March 2015
opening Friday 13 February 6-8pm

performance by Gary: amplified misicalities Saturday 28 February 2-5pm
at Articulate project space

Gary will also be present for most of the time the show is open, to explain how the machines work. 


Gary Warner continues his exploration of drawing machines, colour abstraction and the poetic-acoustic potentials of found objects to present a new sonic sculpture/instrument, a unique three-pendulum harmonograph and a continuation in his ‘colournotes’ series.

the 21-pendulum entropophone
This sculpture/instrument redeploys discarded aluminium drink cans, collected from the street and worked by the artist, to create a suspended kinetic-acoustic array occupying the central gallery space. Activated by visitors, the instrument produces atonal clattering cascades, rhythmic pulses and ephemeral melodic sequences that gradually decay to the silence of equilibrium. Heard from nearby, the sounds are reminiscent of distant moored boats, wandering farm animals, a forest gamelan or temple bells, but if the listener brings their ears close to the hanging cylinders the sound is suddenly experienced as surprisingly rich, resonant and complex.

a 3-pendulum harmonograph
Originating in the mid-19th century, harmonographs are a type of drawing machine that translate the slowly expended energy of free-swinging pendulums into complex geometric drawings. A unique 3-pendulum harmonograph designed by the artist will be operated continuously during exhibition hours to produce unrepeatable drawings. Each drawing will be notated, displayed and available for purchase (20% of each sale going to the Aboriginal Benefits Foundation).

‘colournotes : splashdot score, february 2015’ is a site-specific installation of tiny ‘paintings’, each a trace of energy transfer, the suggestive record of a split-second chaotic event - the splash of a drop of ink on a square of paper.

Gary Warner (right) with Virginia Hilyard (left sitting) at Sound Thinking 2014