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The transference of energy from one state to another has the aura of magic. When a note is struck on a musical instrument the downward energy of the performer's hand produces a vibration in the air that pulses through the air to arrive in your ear. While we might understand the process, the aesthetic nature of music remains elusive. Gary Warner's self-titled exhibition explores the visualisation of energies in an array of works including a 21-pendulum entropophone built from discarded drink cans and a 3-pendulum harmonograph, a drawing machine that translates the slowly expended energy of free-swinging pendulums into complex geometric drawings. Warner's keen eye for the sonic and visually gorgeous potential of found objects puts the magic right out there in front of you.  Until March 1, Articulate project space, 497 Parramatta Road, Leichhardt,  ANDREW FROST

Gary Warner and the 3-pendulum harmonograph 

Gary Warner, the 21-pendulum entropophone, 2015
watch it being played on vimeo
Gary Warner dreamfield (48/15) 

ink on paper, electronics (2 x iPods, custom cable, multiple headphones), 
bench seat, work on paper - 2250 (w) x 1500 (h) mm
Piano recital of John Cage’s ‘Dream’ (1948) by Barbara Campbell / 
field recordings by Gary Warner.
The field recordings play back in random order, the piano recital loops, 
creating an autonomous ‘live’ mix.
Visitors listen to the work under headphones installed at a bench seat
 facing a large work on paper, where saffron orange ink dots replace the notes of 
John Cage's music score for his 1948 work 'Dream'.
Gary Warner Colournotes: raindream 
ink on paper
590 (w) x 840 (h) mm

      ....better still, see/hear  it all live  at Articulate project space Friday-Sunday 11-5pm,  till Sunday 1 march,
including an afternoon of improvisational performance on Saturday 28 February 2-5pm