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FERAL 5 artists include Lisa Andrew, Dominic Byrne, Maryanne Coutts, Richard Dunn, Sarah Fitzgerald, Juliet Fowler Smith,  Jane Gavan, Pollyxenia Joannou, Fiona Kemp, Delilah Lysses-sApo, Kate Mackay, Diane McCarthy, Alycia Moffat, Louise Morgan, James Needham Walker, Melissa Jane Palmer, Elizabeth Rankin,  Kathryn Ryan, Alexandra Sideris, Phaptawan Suwannakudt, Yoshi Takahashi, Vicky Versa, Joe Wilson and Jeff Wood.

FERAL 5 is the final FERAL iteration that, over 5 weeks will have shown works by over 60 artists including Tania Alexander, Lisa Andrew, Michelle Beevors, Linden Braye, Bianca Burns, Dominic Byrne, Sue Callanan, Andrew Christie, Liz Coats, Tim Corne, Maryanne Coutts, Kathy Devine, Richard Dunn, Nicole Ellis, Marta Ferracin, Sarah Fitzgerald, Aude Fondard, Juliet Fowler Smith, Jane Gavan, Veronica Habib, Barbara Halnan, Pollyxenia Joannou, Fiona Kemp, Blaide Lallemand, Martin Langthorne, Delilah Lysses-sApo, Kate Mackay, Joanne Makas, Rachel McCallum, Diane McCarthy, Alycia Moffat, Louise Morgan, Christine Myerscough, James Needham Walker, Melissa Jane Palmer, Kimberley Peel, Renay Pepita, Anya Pesce, Katya Petetskaya, Alicia Poppett, Jannah Quill, Elizabeth Rankin, Ambrose Reisch, Margaret Roberts, Alan Rose, Kathryn Ryan, Kate Scott, Alexandra Sideris, Helen L Sturgess, Helen M Sturgess, Phaptawan Suwannakudt, Yoshi Takahashi, Elena Tory-Henderson, Judith Torzillo, Vicky Versa, Allen Alain Viguier, Joe Wilson, Jeff Wood, Emma Wise and India Zegan.

The FERAL program is designed for many artists to work and show together, and to see their work change through the changing context of other artworks. During most of FERAL's six weeks the project space was like a communal studio. If only we could keep it going for a whole year. 
Maryanne Coutts It's time 2015
Each day for the whole of 2014, I made a small watercolour
of the clothes of one person who was in a news story of the day.
 In the work for this show, the image I made on the day
 that Gough Whitlam died, will be worn by people during FERAL. 
They will be available for sale: $40 white, $50 black.

James Needham Walker, Pollyxenia Joannou 
Juliet Fowler Smith Nature Experience 2015 
Jane Gavan 2013
Delilah Lysses-sApo Leaky Dialogues and Flying Fish 2014 (detail) 
Alycia Moffat
Alexandra Sideris

Lisa Andrew

Louise Morgan

Vicky Versa
Joe Wilson Painting in transit 2015