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Adrian Hall - Yes YOU WILL be - end of first weekend

Yes Chaps - on Thursday 1st. September, 2016.
6.00pm - at Articulate
Live coagulation, sound, action, improvisatory delights.
With an occasional rant . . .

the Aramoana Live Improvisation Action Society

Kevin Sheehan - Wentworth Falls. artist, muso,
Nathan Thomson - late of Port Chalmers, Otago,
currently Thirroul, N.S.W. artist, muso,
Adrian Hall, artist; peripatetic proletarian ...
in concert, with
Video by Peter Callas, "I Would Have Run But I Had A Heavy Cold' 1980, 11 mins.
Video by Chris Fortescue & Ingrid Seier. Haus Wittgenstein, Vienna. "I Destroy, I Destroy, I Destroy"

And hot hints from Vienna;

Watch this space . . .

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