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Thanks to Penny Ryan from Adrian Hall's yes YOU WILL be

Thanks to Penny Ryan, for the loan of "Confined Hearts Project" instagram:#confinedheartsproject . .

     Sydney visit always a pleasure no matter how infrequent, a privileged society in many ways even for some humbler folk. But under attack: a volatile time. And as the grander visions receded and reality took over for me, the real issues - global even; became more clarified and prominent as they are seeming more so, here in Sydney, and everywhere. Those diverse issues as oddly linked, as post-communist criminality and populist-fascism on other Continents. And locally also seem more conspicuous, as virulent.
     My daily communication with Sidney Boyo, on Samos, Greece, is becoming more sad. His more pressing refugee camp issues with riot, protest, predators, children and violence, and desperation: hunger, boredom, sanitation, privation; simply 'terrible' his word, which with the photos which have arrived, resonate with the true awful meaning of that word. Terrible. Terrible. Terrible.
     So my heart goes with you on your Confined Hearts mission, Penny - for whatever manner we might find to illuminate the plight of those confined peoples: who after all are ourselves - our kin, our suffering conscience; no matter how small, how in the scheme of things futile or absurd seeming; I believe for all our dignity as human beings it is essential that we do strive. Thank you for your trying.

This project is supported by funding from Leichhardt Council