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yes YOU WILL be - final weekend

Yes YOU WILL be is a live work fluctuating in intensity over 3 weeks, a continuity or collection of occurrences, with some more specifically planned than others. All are collaborations of some sort—with past works, with other artists or with visitors to the space. They are accompanied by the detritus of earlier occurrences, including videos and objects they left behind.

Those planned for the final weekend are:
Friday 9 September 3-5pm
Saturday 10 September 3-5pm
Sunday 11 September 4-6pm
- with stuff from Chris Fortescue, John Gillies and more

The space is open from 11am each day, and other occurrences may begin at any time, prompted for example by the arrival of a visitor, continue with narration prompted by something—such as the random image in the projection-sequence of past events or occurrences—and come to a conclusion by a decision by visitors to leave, or by Adrian to bring the narrative to a conclusion. As Adrian says in one conversation, 'there is the constant stream of traffic outside the door, and I am inside, and it's diffusing the traditional barriers between that outside and this inside that intrigues me the most. . .'

While not originally presented as part of the project space project (the strand of Articulate's program in which artists use the space as a project space, for which Articulate was originally set up), Yes YOU WILL be clearly belongs thereas we would expect as Articulate's interest in project space work comes primarily from what its founders learned with Adrian back in the Sculpture department of Sydney College of the Arts in the 1980s.

Cyclops / basketcase

This project is supported by funding from Leichhardt Council