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FERMENT 2 opened last night

but we were so busy talking we did not take any photos till right at the end - if you have any, please send them . . . 

FERMENT 2 shows the work of half the artists from FERMENT 1, as well as  artists whose work will continue into FERMENT 3. FERMENT 2 shows the work of  Karen Banks, Mandy Burgess, Sue Callanan, Stella Chen, Paul Cooper, Michele Elliot, Merilyn Fairskye, Beata Geyer, Harry KleinMargaret Roberts, Andrew Simms, Rosie Thomas and Sarah Woodward.

FERMENT 2 is open 1-5pm until Sunday 13 January.


FERMENT 3 will open Friday 18  January

L: Stella Chen; R: Paul Cooper

L-R: Beata Geyer, Stella Chen

L-R: Margaret Roberts, Beata Geyer

L: Sarah Woodward, Foreground: Margaret Roberts; R:  Beata Geyer

Sarah Woodward

L-R: Rosie Thomas, Margaret Roberts (foreground),  Paul Cooper, Mandy Burgess
Karen Banks

Sarah Woodward

Sue Callanan

Michele Elliot

L-R: Michele Elliot, Harry Klein, Rosie Thomas

L-R: Paul Cooper, Rosie Thomas

L-R: Rose Thomas, Merilyn Fairskye

Merilyn Fairskye

photos: Margaret Roberts