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FERMENT 4 opens Friday 25 January 6-8pm

Open 11am - 5pm Friday - Sunday  25-27 January 2019

FERMENT 4 shows the work of Susan Andrews Liz Bradshaw, Corinne Brittain, Angus Callander, Lucinda Clutterbuck and Lewis Argall, Barbara Halnan, Fiona Kemp, Michelle Le Dain, Louise MorganRenay Pepita, Anya Pesce, Anke Stäcker, Helen M Sturgess, Jessica Thallmaier,  Mark Titmarsh, Nina Walton and Elke Wohlfahrt. 


Louise Morgan  In some other countries rivers have rights 2019

Mark Titmarsh Whet Paynt (Green) 2017-19
Elke Wohlfahrt POLARITY 2019
,L-R: Nina Walton, Elke Wohlfahrt, Susan Andrews
Anya Pesce Red Spill 2018

Angus Callander. photo: Karen Banks

Liz Bradshaw photo: Karen Banks

Barbara Halnan . photo: Karen Banks

FERMENT 4 is the fourth of FERMENT's five exhibitions that together show the work of 50 artists over 5 weeks. FERMENT is a project designed to present the exhibition as a changing site by re-contextualising each artwork with new works installed in the gaps left by the departure of works that were installed earlier.  This weekly going and coming of artworks is like a slow and progressive dance, each step of which is seen by coming to its 5 openings—on Fridays 6-8pm on 4, 11, 18 and 15 January & 1 February.

By the time it finishes at 5pm on Sunday 3 February, it will have shown the work of 
Lisa Andrew & Rachel Buckeridge, Susan Andrews, Karen Banks, Liz Bradshaw, 
Corinne Brittain, Mandy Burgess, Sue Callanan, Angus Callander, Curtis Ceapa , Stella Chen, Lucinda Clutterbuck and Lewis, Paul Cooper,  der_melicious, Dominique Madeleine Devadason,  Jacquelene Drinkall, Michele Elliot, Merilyn Fairskye, Nola Farman, Beata Geyer, Claire Gibbon, Allan Giddy,  Adrian Hall, Barbara Halnan, Annelies Jahn, Fiona Kemp, Harry Klein, Michelle Le Dain, Joyce Lubotzky, Wendy Miller, Louise Morgan, Nadia Odlum, Renay Pepita, Anya Pesce, Nina Raven, Margaret Roberts, Tamsin Salehian, Andrew Simms, Eva Simmons, Anke Stäcker, Helen M Sturgess, Jessica Thallmaier, Rosie Thomas, Mark Titmarsh, Nina Walton, Elke Wohlfahrt and Sarah Woodward.