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Dominique Madeleine Devadason - Studio Investigation

Opening event Friday July 12, 6-8pm

Open 11am-5pm 13-14 July

Studio residency in the Articulate Backroom 

Studio Investigation continues the artist's previous explorations of Rosalind Krauss’ concept of the ‘expanded field’, looking particularly at the relationship between painting and installation. Making use of dispersed hanging elements across a grid to suggest the cosmos and  provide a glimpse of one view of the contemporary zeitgeist. This Studio Investigation looks at how sculptural paintings interact with spatial elements, providing a space for visual metaphors that open up dialogues and critiques of contemporary practices and beliefs.

As Studio Investigation addresses unconsolidated experiments and techniques most of the works will be investigations into the materiality and functionality of the mediums, looking at their ability to communicate these ideas and aims.

Dominique Madeleine Devadason, Studio investigation (detail) 2019

Dominique Madeleine Devadason, Hanging Experimentation 2019, steel, plastic, bio-degradable plastic, rope, lead, nylon thread, 250x50x50cm