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William Seeto – Art & Situation - Work in Process

Opening event Friday July 12, 6-8pm

Open 11am-5pm 13-14 July

project space project #16

Art & Situation - Work in Process is a process-based project that develops over twelve days and
culminates with a closing event to mark the end of the project at Articulate project space, Sydney.

As a part of Articulate’s project space project series, it continues the use of the exhibition space at
Articulate to experiment with practice in order to develop artwork in relation to its location. Due to the short lead-up time for
participation, the project is entered into from an experimental viewpoint with unfinished ideas, few materials and
limitations in time. Although there are no set open hours for viewing, a link is available to view the progress of
work in process.

Art & Situation - Work in Process examines the space ‘in between’ sculpture and painting, site and artwork.
It is based on the use of everyday materials and seeks to extend the dialogue between sculpture and painting by
blurring the line between site and artwork in order to expand contextual meaning. In so doing it continues
connections and ideas sparked by deconstruction and reconstruction that is influenced by Arte Povera.

In a way Art & Situation - Work in Process looks at spatiality in a literal sense and as visual metaphor, which
explores and confronts space and environment. It offers a personal codex, a formalised dialogue where ‘site’ and
‘art’ is queried as to whether one or the other is more important and poses the question as to whether spatiality
interacts, informs or interferes with the work and location.

William Seeto,' Untitled (3 pairs gray+, work in process)'_2019

William Seeto, 'Untitled (3 pairs gray, work in process)'_2019

William Seeto is an installation artist and independent curator with a practice of 38 years. His site-specific
constructed installations examine perceptual qualities in built environments by reconstructing architectural space,
which incorporates immersive light, sensory perception and luminal effects of uniform light (Ganzfelds).
His ephemeral artworks are based on everyday materials that seek to extend dialogue and expand contextual
meaning. His work is a blend of minimalism, process art and kinaesthetic experience.

William Seeto, 'No Lines (work in process)'_2019.