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PLATFORM 2019 Images by Vsevolod Vlaskine

De Quincey Co's mid-afternoon collection of short performances, installations, artworks and extraordinary music
Saturday & Sunday 29 & 30 JUNE 3.30-5.30pm

ARTISTS:  Cordelia Beresford, Kristina Chan, Tess de Quincey, Martin del Amo, Jim Denley, Michael Dixon, Sue Healey, Mayu Kanamori, Nick Keys, Adelina Larsson, Linda Luke, Rhiannon Newton, Marnie & Melanie Palomares, Matte Rochford, Gaele Sobott, Amanda Stewart, Vsevolod Vlaskine, Adam Warburton, Toni Warburton, Eugene Ward, Gary Warner, Digby Webster, Marcus Whale, Gareth Yuen, Arisa Yura.

Curated by Martin del Amo, Eugene Ward, Marcus Whale, Tess de Quincey
Photo:  Heidrun Lohr


                     This program is supported by funding from the Inner west Council