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FRACAS5 open

  Open 11am-5pm, Fri-Sun  12-14 February

 Opening event Saturday 13 February 1-5pm


FRACAS FIVE shows the work of Maria Alvarado, Brett Anthony Moore, Isobel Johnston + Jude Crawford, Julia Hemens, Mia Domansky, Kim Bennett, Elke Wohlfahrt,  Em Ingram-Shute,  Annelies Jahn, Sarah FitzGerald, Seema Akhmetova, Jane AlexanderSteve Simpson + Paul Sutton, Vilma Bader, Sonia Vuchich, Seema Stamou and Teong Eng Tan + Elke Wohlfahrt.

Steve Simpson + Paul Sutton
Teong Eng Tan + Elke Wohlfahrt
Annelies Jahn

L-R: Maria Alvarado; Sonia Vuchich
Jane Alexander

foreground: Kim Bennett

L-R: Em Ingram-Shute and Sonia Vuchich; Mia Domansky

Em Ingram-Shute and Sonia Vuchich

wall: Sarah Fitzgerald; floor: Brett Anthony Moore

wall: Sarah Fitzgerald; floor: Brett Anthony Moore, Sonia Vuchich
L-R: Sarah Fitzgerald; Sonia Vuchich;  Brett Anthony Moore

Em Ingram-Shute

Elke Wohlfahrt, Vilma Bader

Vilma Bader

Vilma Bader, Elke Wohlfahrt

L-R: Annelies Jahn Kim Bennett; Julia Hemens

Conditions of entry to Fracas:
There are limited places in Articulate due to COVID restrictions. 
Please do not come if you are unwell or a contact of a COVID-19 case.
Use the hand sanitisers provided at the entrance to Articulate.
Complete your contact tracing information on entry to Articulate.
Keep 1.5 metres distance from others or wear a face mask