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Mila and Kevin Sheehan - Articulate Backroom

Open 11am-5pm  27-28 February 2021

Opening event Saturday 27 February 1-5pm

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Mila Sheehan - Longitudinal Comparison In Context


This artwork is actually a take on the increasing separatism between our origins, the natural world increasing human activity turning into independence. The reliability we have between us and our increased social complexity that works in equally with our technological enhancement that is an artificial vs natural endeavour.  

Further delivering promise for unity, treating everyone as fortunate and neurodivergent. The fear inducing notion that we are separate is actually fuelling the ultimate promise. 

My viewpoint is from the focus of a toxicological device, an invention called Micellar Morpholograph Tetherment Wave Sequencer and the sum of its parts scattered as fragments that becomes the interactive subject for the audience to make sense of. 

Kevin wolfox Sheehan -  fine cut and shattered

Fundamentally my work has followed the principle of “swords to ploughshares”

This piece is no different

It is the first of a series of works I intend to exhibit inspired by the DH108, the first jet aircraft that took off, landed under its own power and broke through the sound barrier.

Only 3 were constructed after the second world war and each tragically lost with its test pilot.

Their purpose to test out theories of the day that would end up as the first domestic intercontinental jet aircraft - the comet. 

From the results of data taken over the process of this work and exhibition I will compose sound and video pieces.

Conditions of entry to the exhibition:
Please do not come if you are unwell or a contact of a COVID-19 case.
Use the hand sanitisers provided at the entrance to Articulate.
Complete your contact tracing information (QR code) on entry to Articulate.

Keep 1.5 metres distance from others or wear a face mask