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The final Fracas: FRACAS6 open from Friday 19 February

 Open 11am-5pm, Fri-Sun  19-21 February

 Opening event Saturday 20 February 1-5pm


FRACAS SIX shows the work of Jane Alexander, Vilma Bader, Kim Bennett, Karen Benton, Sarah Fitzgerald, Emma Wise,  Em Ingram-Shute, Annelies Jahn, Steve Simpson + Paul Sutton, Seema Stamou, Lisa Pang & Anya Pesce, Elke Wohlfahrt, Teong Eng Tan & Elke Wohlfahrt, Sonia Vuchich, Hannah Wilson, Emma Wise and Riley Anderson.

Emma Wise, Stuff Back, 2021. For Stuff Back Emma Wise is asking anyone who was given some of Emma’s pile of stuff at Articulate during Stuff or Stuff 2 a year ago to come to Articulate on Saturday 20 Feb with the story/pics of what has happened to the stuff since. She’ll be there all day (or, if you’d prefer, you can send story/pics to [Image: Margaret Roberts, Stuff in kitchen cupboard getting ready to come back.]

Lisa Pang and Anya Pesce

L-R: Sarah Fitzgerald; Anya Pesce & Lisa Pang 

wall: Sonia Vuchich; floor: Kim Bennett

L-R: Sonia Vuchich; Kim Bennett; Elke Wohlfahrt; Sarah Fitzgerald

Vilma  Bader

L-R: Hannah Wilson; Teong Eng Tan + Elke Wohlfahrt

L-R: Sonia Vuchich & Em Em Ingram-Shute; Hannah Wilson

Seema Stamou


Conditions of entry to Fracas:
Please do not come if you are unwell or a contact of a COVID-19 case.
Use the hand sanitisers provided at the entrance to Articulate.
Complete your contact tracing information on entry to Articulate.
Keep 1.5 metres distance from others or wear a face mask