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Opening Party_3 December 2010

Sara Goffman opened the project space last night.

 photo: Ella Dreyfus

 photos Elke Wohlfaht
photo Ella Dreyfus
photo Peter Murphy

party videoWilliam Seeto


Opening Show

above foreground: Beata Geyer

above foreground:Chantal Grech

above right: Lesley Giovanelli

above: Chantal Grech
above: Margaret Roberts
Elke Wohlfahrt
above foreground: Margaret Roberts
above: Sue Callanan
above:Margaret Seymour
above: Jennifer O'Brien
above: Rose Anne McCgreevy
above: William Seeto
above: Michele Beevors
above: Christine Olsen
above photos: William Seeto

above/ below: click on images for Peter Murphy 360 degree panoramic views of the project space as well as works

opening show: 4 - 19 december 2010