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WATER & DUST opens Friday 19 June 6-8pm

Artists: the-parcel (Taryn Raffan & Michelle Heldon)

Open 11am - 5pm, Friday - Sunday  20 June - 5 July 2015
foraging, collecting, recording, making and assembling 'the-parcel' is a collective of thoughts and all things everyday… with the things we find, we develop a rationale for living…bringing together the transient and rendering it into an ideology… 

the-parcel formed at the end of 2012 after friends and fellow artists Michelle Heldon and Taryn Raffan had experienced numerous synchronised parallels within their work and their lives. Both connecting to strong ideals surrounding shared experience with associations to attachment they have recently explored these often unspoken relationships together on residencies far north in the arctic circle. Having traversed Greenland and Iceland, their exhibition Water and Dust  is now a shared energy embracing bonds to land, life and distance. Works included in the exhibition are centred around a new site-specific installation connecting conversations between the arctic and Australia. 

binding time 2014

assemblages: found objects, wool and thread
installation photographs Refugium Museum, Upernavik, Greenland

breathe and drag 2014

site specific performance

photographs Refugium Museum, Upernavik, Greenland

currents 2014

site specific installation with found objects

installation photographs H-E-I-M-A, Seyðisfjörður, Iceland

grounding water (iceberg pretending to be a rock) 2014

site specific installation: tracing paper, thread and rocks

installation photographs Refugium Museum, Upernavik, Greenland

suspended ground (rocks pretending to be islands) 2014-2015

watercolour, wool and thread on bockingford paper

installation photographs H-E-I-M-A, Seyðisfjörður, Iceland


Artists' Talks - 2-4pm Saturday June 13

On Saturday 13 June at 2-4pm, Deborah Burdett, Mandy Burgess, Ren Fernando, Kiata Mason, Ro Murray, Elwira Titan and Susie Williams will talk about their project, FIVE YEARS ON . . . , and they will be joined by Pamela Leung who will talk about her ArticulateUpstairs work, NOT ANOTHER BLOODY COFFEE SHOP. Come along, have a coffee and participate in the discussion.
Mandy Burgess Ro Murray Deborah Burdett

Susie Williams / Elwira Titan 
above photos: Mandy Burgess/Susie Williams
Pamela Leung

Above photo: Glenn Locklee


FIVE YEARS ON . . . trying to resist 'the unspeakable compromise of the portable work'

Thinking of why we set up Articulate as a project space and Daniel Buren's The Function of the Studio 1971 . . .  which he ended by praising Brancusi (before his studio got moved) for being

. . . the only artist who, in order to preserve the relationship between the work and its place of production, dared to present his work in the very place where it first saw light, thereby short-circuiting the museum's desire to classify, to embellish, and to select. The work is seen, for better or worse, as it was conceived. Thus, Brancusi is also the only artist to preserve what the museum goes to great lengths to conceal: the banality of the work. 
It might also be said—but this requires a lengthy study of its own—that the way in which the work is anchored in the studio has nothing whatsoever to do with the "anchorage" to which the museum submits every work it exhibits. Brancusi also demonstrates that the so-called purity of his works is no less beautiful or interesting when seen amidst the clutter of the studio—various tools; other works, some of them incomplete, others complete—than it is in the immaculate space of the sterilized museum.
The art of yesterday and today is not only marked by the studio as an essential, often unique, place of production; it proceeds from it. All my work proceeds from its extinction.

photos: Mandy Burgess 

Susie Williams
Ro Murray