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Marta Ferracin's recent works opened last night


photos above: William Seeto

wide shot of exhibition including works from front to back - materia vibrante (sonora), social, interlude (kinetic), under



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MARTA FERRACIN recent works curated by Gary Warner - Opening Friday 19 February 6-8pm

recent works

curated by Gary Warner

Exhibition opening: Friday 19 February   6-8pm
Performance event   6:45-7pm
Exhibition: Saturday 20 February - Sunday 6 March 2016   11am - 5pm

Artist talk with Marta Ferracin and Gary Warner
Sunday 6 March 2-3pm
(NB: Artists talk start at 1pm with Margaret Roberts #8 at ArticulateUpstairs)

Marta Ferracin materia vibrante (sonora) [detail]  2016

Marta Ferracin recent works populates Articulate's long narrow gallery with an ecology of artworks incorporating sound, sculptural strategies, photography, video media, and contexts of encounter representative of the artist’s ongoing engagements with everyday materials, personal digital media technologies, fields of perception and animist cosmologies. 

The exhibition’s central work is materia vibrante (sonora), an exciting electro-acoustic installation developed during a 2015 Largo das Artes’ residency in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Representing our shared universal plane of existence where diverse entities energetically commingle in flickering cycles of life and death, appearance and disappearance, being and nothingness, it is a kinetic array of 32 suspended speaker cones filled with various natural materials that vibrate and dance in harmonic resonance with an original multitrack soundscape. 

On the opening night, Marta Ferracin will performatively transform materia vibrante (sonora) from silent empty stillness to sonic vibratory energy field.

Marta Ferracin  materia vibrante (sonora) [detail] 2016


Fresh Paint - Grilled Chicken - Final Weekend events

Saturday 13th February
Closing event: 11.30am - 12.30pm
 Artist talks 
12.30pm Engrybirdz - Dorit Goldman and Melissa Maree.

 Sunday 14th February
Artists Talks:
1.30pm Lea Kannar
2.30pm Bernadette Smith

Fresh Paint- Grilled Chicken Roomsheet