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The Hidden Gesture opens Friday 24 June, 6-8pm

Open Friday - Sunday 11am - 5pm until July 17

The Hidden Gesture is curated by Andrew Christie

Works by Vilma Bader, Clara Chow, Frankie Chow, Eliya Nikki Cohen, Mitchel Cumming, Laura Turner and Joe Florio, Christina Lucia, Giuffrida, Aaron Moore

The Hidden Gesture displays work that communicates the unintentionally expressed and the intentionally unexpressed. These artists recognise the inevitable collapse and failure that accompanies probing into the available means of conveying intent – with a strong focus towards, yet not exclusive to, the body – through art. Inevitably each action reveals and conceals elements of our identity and the messages we wish to disseminate about ourselves and others. As identities and perspectives are in constant flow, these works aim to analyse how what is present and absent through intention transitions to its culminated artistic products and what that declares about artistic agency.

Aaron Moore
Stuff self, digital photography, 2015

Clara Chow
Currency II & III
2-channel digital HD video, 2015

Christina Lucia Giuffrida
Part of installation Why You Do This?, mixed media, 2015

Eliya Nikki Cohen
Embrace, silver gelatin print, 2010

Frankie Chow
Homesick, single-channel digital video, 2016

Laura Turner and Joe Florio
Figure in a Dark Landscape, single channel digital video, 2015

Mitchel Cumming
Ad Breakpromotional posters in custom A-frame, 2013

Vilma Bader
Everydayacrylic on panels mounted on wooden frames, 2011