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Conditions of the Absurd is an installation by Michael Georgetti, opening on Thursday 4 April, 6-8pm at Articulate project space. 

Conditions of the Absurd employs a composite art practice involving painting, kinetic sculpture, found objects and installation to explore the expanded field of painting in contemporary art. 

A combination of machines, toys and household materials are strung together in an Absurdist fashion to conduct a series of moving situations and moments that portray the deconstruction of painting.

OPEN: Fri-Sun 11-5pm, 5 -21 April 2013
OPENING EVENT:  Thursday 4 April 6-8pm
ARTIST’S TALK Saturday 6 April, 2pm

This project is supported by funding from Leichhardt Council



The LOST Trail this weekend is Leichhardt Council's answer to Marrickville Council's MOST trail last weekend.  Download the LOST map here - Articulate project space and studios are #6. See it on Google maps here.  Open 11am - 6pm Sat - Sun 23 + 24 March. 

DRIFT finissage is on Sunday, 24 March from 3pm


DRIFT artists/curators' talks Sunday 17 March at 2pm

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You are invited to  DRIFT artists' & curators' talks on Sunday 17 March at 2pm -  with Judith Duquemin, Marlene Sarroff and Anke Stäcker. 

Per Formo Untitled 2012 (detail)
From An invitation to drift… 
Curator's essay by Judith Duquemin

The purpose of this exhibition is to highlight aspects of flânerie that relate to acts of creativity in contemporary visual art because the artist as flâneur/ flâneuse is an intriguing and complex individual in a global society. Aspects of their identity are revealed in this exhibition of photo-media, painting, print-media, digital art, multi-channel video, and sculpture and installation, by six established artists from Norway, UK, USA, and Australia. 

Flânerie from the C16th simply referred to acts of strolling or idling. With an interest in modern city life, the French Romantic poet, Charles Baudelaire (1821) portrayed the flâneur as a gentleman stroller of the streets, open-minded and unprejudiced, wandering without aim, a reflective observer of circumstance, a lover of the crowd. ...

The subject of flânerie has inspired many writers, artists and philosophers since the last century. For example, the spectator was a central figure of modernity strolling around the iron and glass covered arcades of 19th century Paris (Walter Benjamin); the man who strategically shelters himself within the crowd (Edgar Alan Poe); the surrealist devising random chance situations that reveal the real nature of the city; the flâneuse with her own private experience of modernity (Janet Wolff); the traveller directed and informed by aesthetic encounters arising from the urban terrain, a process known as dériving or drifting (Guy Debord)i. Within the arts the writer and philosopher Susan Sontag saw parallels between the flâneur and the photographer.  ...

Please also come to the DRIFT finissage  on Sunday, 24 March from 3pm.

You are also invited to follow Leichhardt Council's LOST trail on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th March - DOWNLOAD LOST FLYER & MAP 



DOWNLOAD the DRIFT catalogue

ExhibitionDRIFTFlânerie in Contemporary Art. Curated by: Judith Duquemin and Anke Stäcker 

Milein Cosman (UK), Judith Duquemin (Aus), Per Formo (Nor), Marlene Sarroff (Aus), Anke Stäcker (Ger), Vagner M. Whitehead (USA) 

28 Feb – 23 Mar 2013  

We sat on the sandy concrete steps at Dee Why Beach in the inescapable January heat and discussed our devotion to travel and art. One a painter, one a photographer, flânerie, we agreed was a subject that linked our practices…As it turned out, the exhibition Drift was organized on different continents in the cities of London, Sydney, Hamburg, and Paris over twelve months, culminating in March, 2013, both of us communicating through Email, Skype and Drop Box, until everything came together one year later at Articulate project space, Leichhardt, Sydney.  Judith & Anke  ...cont

above background: Per Formo Untitled 2012
above/below: Milein Cosman Rhein Wanderer 1955

above foreground: Judith Duquemin 
Painting for Reconstruction: Spectral Trapezoidal Icositetrahedron 2013
 below & foreground above: Marlene Sarroff Random Accumulation 1 2013
Vagner M Whitehead Silver Code 2010/12
below & foreground above:
Marlene Sarroff Random Accumulation 2 2013
left: Anke Stäcker Gerda: Berlin Revisited 2012 
below: Anke Stäcker Gerda: Berlin Revisited 2012 (detail)
Judith Duquemin Reconstructed Painting: Red 2013
 Marlene Sarroff Random Accumulation 1 2013
Judith Duquemin Scottish Encounters 2010
 foreground:  Anke Stäcker Gerda: Berlin Revisited 2012 (detail)

photos by Anke Stäcker, Judith Duquemin and Margaret Roberts

Download DRIFT essay by Judith Duquemin