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In Relation to . . . taster

In Relation to . . . opens at 6pm tomorrow night.

Get there by 6.30 or miss Kevin Sheehan's performance . . . 

Kevin Sheehan
Nola Farman
Rose Anne McGreevy


In relation to . . . opens Friday 23 August, 6-8pm

Open 11am -5pm Fri - Sun,   23 August - 8 Sept

participating artists :  Peter Spilsbury - Rose McGreevy - Barbara Halnan - Roland Orépük - Annette Minchin - Nola Farman - Elizabeth Day - Margaret Roberts - Marlene Sarroff - Danielle Lescot - Lisa Roberts - Paul Sutton - Kevin Sheehan 

misquoting Einstein but retaining the sense:
‘the perfect end in a process  should be as simple as possible but no simpler’

In relation to  .  .  .   assumes a subject and in this case the subject  explores notions of space, planes and the values between. Some of the work references the gallery space and some does not. Some of the work alludes to imaginative space whilst some to metaphysical space. Other work references  what we cannot see. What is apparent in all the work is a constant engagement with the practice and practise of art to understand our world a little better.
The curators of this show are interested in pulling together artists with whom they feel a kind of artistic kinship, and hope this will create an overall gestalt which will allow the work to sit together, despite the very varied approaches of the participants.  The aim is to create an event which has resonance coupled with engagement of the senses. It is said that art cannot be pragmatic but perhaps, instead, it only needs to be necessary.

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above foreground: Helen Sturgess Conversation on the subject of drawing in space 2013
above background (wall): Margaret Roberts Occupy Kobro (detail) 2013
Photo Helen Sturgess

Chantal Grech What Now 2013. Photo Peter DeLorenzo

front: Margaret Roberts Occupy Kobro (SP9) 2013. 
behind: Helen L. Sturgess Conversation 2013; 
Photo Chantal Grech 
Brendan Flaherty Augury 2013
Jacek Przybyszewski Socle de Monde 2013
Bettina Hill 
The Shape of Paper, Beam bulge 2013

Bettina Hill The Shape of Paper from under the Stairs 2013
 (paper, plywood, nuts, bolts, screws)
Lesley Giovanelli Gortyn 2013 (mixed media).
front right: JANE GAVAN Light louvre grip B&W 2013
back left: Brendan Flaherty Augury 2013

Helen L Sturgess Black Hole  2013

photos Margaret Roberts