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Cecilia White's moving experiences (breathing in, breathing out) opens Friday 31 March 6-8pm

Open Friday - Sunday 1-9 April 2017
to participate: email to or simply drop by
Artists panel talk: Saturday 25 March 3-5pm

Cecilia White moving experiences 2017

Whole populations are incessantly tempted and, too often, tormented to move: personally, politically, geographically, socially. Others are left behind. Recently I moved again and, as I contemplated the packing boxes I hadn't seen for a long time, I also contemplated what it means to move and what might make moving easier.

"to move" has connotations of shifting emotions, objects, purpose, self: moving experiences. Exploring boundaries and boxes Georges Perec wrote in Species of Spaces: 'To live is to pass from one place to another, while doing your very best not to bump into yourself.' But we do bump: so we gather anxieties and try to cultivate wonder along the way. 

Moving is like breathing: affected by where and how we live and the journey to/from/through living. I want to know what is in the pause of breathing - that empty/full space like a house we might live in.

Moving into what was once an automotive repair shop I create my new home to explore what might happen to our sense of self and suffering if we pause to look, listen and understand who/what moves us and who/what we move? You are invited to visit, to unpack a box and share moving experiences. In response I will create you a Moving RepAIR Kit, perhaps to ease the bumps in living.

You're invited to explore breathing space as I move into Articulate Project Space...with twelve moving boxes ready for y/our experience. You can book a specific time to unpack experiences (Friday 31, Sat 01, Sun 02, Fri 7, Sat 8, Sun 9; 11am - 5pm) by email to or simply drop by.


9:50:45 ended at 5pm Sunday 26 March after 36 hours

9:50:45 Articulate project space, Sydney, Australia. 

Duration: 36 hours (6 days, 6 hour per day)

Chelsea Coon 9:50:45 2017 Photo: Sue Callanan


Chelsea Coon performs '9:50:45' daily this week: Tuesday-Sunday

9:50:45 will be a new site-specific performance by Chelsea Coon especially created for Articulate project space.

9:50:45 will be of 6 hours duration each day: 11am - 5pm daily, Tues 21- Sun 26 March 2017, except for:
Friday 24 March: performance 1-7pm; opening 6-8pm, and
Saturday 25 March: performance will end at 3pm for:
artists' talks 25 March at 3-5pm by Chelsea Coon, Cecilia White and Nicola McLelland
9:50:45 is the time that two black holes collided in space on September 14, 2015. In her six day durational performance, Coon will create an installation of traces of the body's response to the space and will emphasize past, present and future time as well as focus on the body's interconnected relationship on an elemental level to manifestations in the universe
Coon's work explores beginnings and endings, life and death, the internal and external, and imminence of existence; collisions of space, phases, the simultaneous speeding up and slowing down of time, cycles, and the way in which the body on an elemental level is rooted to space. She has performed across North America, Europe and Asia, notably at: Tempting Failure (London, UK), CREATurE Live Art Festival (Kaunas, Lithuania), Dhaka Live Art Biennale (Dhaka, Bangladesh), PALS: Performance Art Links (Stockholm, Sweden), Water Tower Arts Festival (Sofia, Bulgaria), Experimental Room Festival (Barcelona, Spain), bridge (Bangkok, Thailand) and Art Space Tetra (Hakata, Japan) among others. She is the recipient of the Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant and has been a contributing writer for Big Red and Shiny. Coon lives and works in Los Angeles.

Chelsea Coon Factors D’LAB: Dhaka Live Art Biennale, Dhaka, Bangladesh. 

February 2017. Duration: 3 hours. Photo: Tony Schwensen

Chelsea Coon Factors D’LAB: Dhaka Live Art Biennale, Dhaka, Bangladesh. 

February 2017. Duration: 3 hours. Photo: Tony Schwensen

Chelsea Coon Factors D’LAB: Dhaka Live Art Biennale, Dhaka, Bangladesh. 

February 2017. Duration: 3 hours. Photo: Tony Schwensen


Final weekend of the music-art PLACE coming up

Otopsy Klamar on vimeo

Otopsy Klamar - Its not fair

Otopsy Klamar - Refugee 

If you have been unable to get to the show I have curated PLACE  you still have a chance to get to it - this Friday, Saturday and Sunday are the final days of the exhibition. There are concerts this saturday and sunday as well. If you missed the first concert we are repeating it on Saturday the 17th, in it the hugely talented Timorese artist exhibiting Alfeo Sanches Pereira talks about his work with musical responses performed by Otopsy Klamar singing his powerful and poignant original songs. Along side  them Julia Ryder on cello and me on clarinets weave through the space playing works that reflect the wonderful works of art exhibited in this show, taking the audience  on a journey that cojoins the art and music. Sunday is full of surprises with the Splinter Orchestra and violinist, composer Hollis Taylor andK;lamar performer, composer Margery Smith combining forces for an afternoon of improvisation, collaboration and reflections - do consider joining us and share the experience and a complimentary glass or two of wine or something softer. 

There are two sound installations in the exhibition worth spending a bit of time with, even if you can’t make the concerts, the space is open from 11am to 5pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday this week.

Some of the wonderful artwork of Alfeo and delicately painted mangrove roots of Meta Dos Santos Barreto are still available  for purchase, and well worth seeing. 

Hope to see you sometime over the weekend - Ros


Today's concert in PLACE - tomorrow another concert at 3pm

Alfeo Sanches Pereira (left)  (with Ananias Carlos) in front of his paintings explaining how hard it is to learn to become an artist in a place where there are no art schools and where people are more familiar with fighting than drawing.

Ananias Carlos in the Articulate recording studio today

Ros Dunlop, amazing performer and organiser


PLACE - live musical performances Saturday 11 & Sunday 12 March at 3pm

YURRABIRONG   composer, Felicity Wilcox, dancer,   TBC , bass clarinet, Ros Dunlop
PARADISE  artists: Penelope Lee & Nathalie Hartog-Gautier
HUMANITY WASHED ASHORE  composer, Margery Smith, Liz Smith, musician,
Bass clarinet : Ros Dunlop
AS SMALL BIRDS PLAY  composer, Corinna Bonshek, 
film, Rachel Jones, bass clarinet, Ros Dunlop 
PAPUA MERDEKA    composer, Martin Wesley-Smith
GREENS PARK, GEORGETOWN  composer, Hollis Taylor & bass clarinet, Ros Dunlop
Entry to performances: $20 adults, $15 students, concession 

Entry fee does not apply to entry to see the artwork, which includes paintings by visiting Timor-Este painter Alfeo Sanches Pereira (left below).  
See details of work by Alfeo Sanches Pereira here.
Alfeo Sanches Pereira (left)  and Ananias Carlos (right) performing last weekend, in front of paintings by Alfeo Sanches Pereira


PLACE - first sunday concert

next concert: Saturday 11 March 3pm

Ananias Carlos (Otopsy Klamar), paintings by Alfeo Sanches-Pereira  & pillar by  Nathalie Hartog-Gautier/Penelope Lee

Ros Dunlop

Alfeo Sanches Pereira (left)  and Ananias Carlos (right) in front of paintings by Alfeo Sanches Pereira

Ros Dunlop (left) and Julie Ryder (right)


PLACE opened last night



Composers: Corrina Bonshek, Brigid Burke, Ursula Caporali, Stephen Ingham, Margery Smith, Hollis Taylor and Felicity Wilcox
Musicians: Ananias Carlos (Otopsy Klamar), Ros Dunlop - clarinet/bass clarinet, Julia Ryder - cello, Margery Smith - clarinet/saxophone and Hollis Taylor - violin
Visual/sound Artists: Brigid Burke, Nathalie Hartog-Gautier, Penelope Lee, Holly Ryder-Ingham, Alfeo Sanches-Pereira, Peter Smith, Alexandra Spence and Rachel Jones