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TONI WARBURTON 'Eye of Horus / lost and found' 27 February - 11 March

This project will retrieve  some things  that are not completely lost, not completely forgotten: a collaborative artists’ book / ideas for exhibitions / project proposals that  have  ideas that stick / drawings  about walks / drawings about mountains / 8mm films / photographs / dialogues.

Installed at articulate today
Token gestures
(Placed In a line on the floor beside the brick wall)
Watercolour tracings of objects in hand  onto print out of 4 pages of  reality  check  by invited artist John von Sturmer
“The plan was for me to simply continue to write (not so simple) and to produce a new text every day - as well as a scan. Therefore my work would be self-documenting. Of course this immediately draws attention to the restricted and selective nature of all/any documentation/documenting process”jvs
1 Pocket Diary/ pencil case/ 3 change purse and penknife/4 open ray ban sunglasses case/ 4. wooden comb
Retrievals Placed on gallery floor
Waterfall words to a song by Jimy Hendrix  (tw)
Image scan and scan manifesto text  (jvs emails) January2012
Mountain drawings on canvas and muslin

Redemptive gestures
Yesterday I put the animation rostrum designed and made for me by my father ,and consigned to the weather without my knowledge, into my car. 
Today I placed it  on the floor of  the gallery,  under  the stair case,  and  began to write a text   about the 8 mm animated films I made with the help of this contraption.

Toni Warburton

Eye of Horus / lost and found is the eighth of Articulate's project space projects 



above: Juliet Fowler Smith*
above: Peter Charuk**
above: Peter Charuk*
above: Noelene Lucas**

above: Nola Farman*
above: Nola Farman**
above: Jason O'Brien*

*Photos: Peter Charuk
**Photos: Margaret Roberts