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Martyrium and Reliquary opened last night

 Martyrium and Reliquary is open 11am - 5pm 
Friday - Sunday until Sunday 9 July

photos: Zeina Issa


Martyrium and Reliquary opens Friday 23 June 6-8pm

Mireille Eid and Elizabeth Presa

24 June - 9 July 2017

opening Friday 23 June 6-8pm

Martyrium and Reliquary will be opened by Professor Peter Hutchings, Dean of the School of Humanities and Communication Arts at Western Sydney University

Attempting to give sight to invisible silences, we seek to ignite the “unheimliche” as a way to awaken dormant senses. "While a wound or misfortune embodied is not always visible, the opposite is true for the “splendour and brightness which dry up misfortune.” If we understand the “splendour and magnificence” of the event as the luminous yet mysterious moment of “the immaculate conception,” as Deleuze writes in The Logic of Sense, then we see that life is not something that happens accidentally to us. When purely expressed, the event “signals and awaits us” as one might imagine a pregnancy to come, the unborn, as it were." (1) We trust that at the precise moment the visual encounter takes place, senses would surge whilst engaging the decision-making process in an oscillating movement between latent passion and calm-inducing meditation. Nevertheless, spectral representations unsettle these senses as any wound would, while inviting the viewer to seek the quintessential equilibrium between hope and the real, between memory and emotion. 

Mirielle Eid Mar Elias 101cm x 76cm Inkjet print 2017

Each of Eid’s images reminds one of what Merleau-Ponty calls“le mouvant”: the moving object that contains an implicit identity charged with psychic states that had become sanctified. Just as the logic of the perceived circle is the entity that possesses, in advance and in itself, all of the properties that analysis will discover there, the movable object is the object of an indefinite series of explicit and concordant perceptions and beliefs. Stills caught in mid-sentence, prayers yet to be uttered, yet to be discovered, mouth gaping, quiver with beatitude the hidden figures, the veiled reflections, and even dilations of one’s own life. “The hallucinatory thing is not the real thing, a deep being that contracts a thickness of duration in itself … the hallucination slides across time, just as it slides across the world”.(2)

Presa’s sculptures on the other hand function as reliquaries. But whereas reliquaries traditionally contain parts of the bodies of saints, here these small reliquaries, - made by folding , twisting and threading brass mesh - contain something of the inflections, shadows and luminations radiating from their material under differing plays of light. Resembling small Baroque experiments or excitations, they make evident the fact that the physical world, in its most mundane sense, holds within it potentiality for remarkable transformation, whereby the most common of materials can take on the character of an angels wing, metamorphosis of flesh, or transcendent experience. Such experiences may remain imperceptible or may appear in unexpected illuminations, forms and spacings.

1. E.Presa, text for exhibition, entitled "Life Must First Imitate Matter", 2015 Orpheus Institute, Ghent, Belgium.

2. Merleau-Ponty, M., & Landes, D. A. (2014). Phenomenology of perception. Abingdon, Oxon Routledge, 2014: 355.



SOLIDARITY is open 11am - 5pm Fri-Sun Sunday 18th June

Curated by Akil Ahamat, Sarah Fitzgerald, Delilah Lyses-sApo and Alexandra Mitchell, Solidarity shows the work of sixteen current and recent students of Sydney College of the Arts, National Art School, UNSW Art & Design and UTS. The exhibition demonstrates the need to secure the diversity of art education in Sydney. Throughout the duration of the exhibition sixteen artists will use the project space as their studio space, working in sixteen mini studio spaces. The studios are open to the public who are invited in to see the process of art making, to talk with the artists and to see the final work at the Closing Party on Saturday 17th June from 6-8pm. 

4-5pm: Performance: Mending the Memory Gap #3 - Stella Chen.

5:30-5:45pm: Performance: Matter and Musical Motion (plate bells, piano and voce) - Marta Ferracin with Kim Cunio and Heather Lee: Kim Cunio and Heather Lee will play with plate bells and intervals of piano and voce to generate a cosmic musical motion inspired by the concept of growing found in nature. The cyclic nature of the music is designed to mirror the organic motion happening in the installation itself. 
6.15pm Address by local Greens NSW MP, Jamie Parker
7 pm: Performance by Liz Hogan 


SCA - Kalanjay DhirMarta Ferracin, Delilah Lyses-sApo, Sophie Suttonberg
NAS  -  Dominic Byrne, Sarah Fitzgerald, Elizabeth Hogan, Elizabeth Rankin
UNSW A&D  -  Stella Chen, Alexandra Mitchell, Caoife Power, Douglas Schofield
UTS  -  Akil Ahamat, Ayesha Wasique, Kristina Savic, Rathai Manivannan

Photos Alexandra Mitchell


Solidarity afternoon of performances and talks

Mending the Memory Gap #3: Stella Chen used water to make the temporary language of the body's imprint and of its words

Caoife Power talked about her practice of collecting parts of the city and bringing them into her studio . . .

Rathai Mannivannan talked about using her art practice to explore her Tamil culture in Australia 

Marta Ferracin talked about experimenting with the effect of sound on the growth of slime 

Alexandra Mitchell discussed the incorporation of sound into her art practice

Kristina Savic discussed the struggles she has with making art without a studio 

Sarah Fitzgerald discussed how she is using her location beside Parramatta Road in her work

Elizabeth Rankin discussed her use of narrative in her work and how it so often turns out to the narrative of her own life


Solidarity event: Saturday June 10

 1 – 2pm: Panel Discussion – Solidarity = Stability: This panel discussion will meditate on the need to maintain the diversity of art school’s in Sydney as well as the notion that with solidarity between the art schools there may be stability.

2-3:30pm: Performance: Mending the Memory Gap #3 - Stella Chen
2.30 - 3.30pm: Matter and Organic Resonance: Marta Ferracin with Trevor Brown:
Trevor Brown will perform live on saxophones, flutes and clarinets. The sounds will be digitally frozen and positioned in time and space. Natural harmonics, overtones and microtones will be played to create sympathetic vibrations that interact with Marta Ferracin's slime mould.

3:30-4:30pm: Solidarity Artist Talks: artists will discuss their work, artistic process, what it has been like working in the project space and own thoughts on the current uncertainty surrounding Sydney’s art schools.


Solidarity Studios occupied

The Solidarity studios are now occupied by Kalanjay DhirMarta Ferracin, Delilah Lyses-sApo, Sophie Suttonberg (from SCA), Dominic Byrne, Sarah Fitzgerald, Elizabeth Hogan, Elizabeth Rankin (from NAS), Stella Chen, Alexandra Mitchell, Caoife Power, Douglas Schofield (from UNSWA&D) and Akil Ahamat, Ayesha Wasique, Kristina Savic, Rathai Manivannan from UTS. Please visit when open on Friday - Sunday 11-5pm till Sunday 18 June, or at other times whenever people are there working. 

Below are images from some of the studios.  
Caoife Power

Marta Ferracin

Rathai Mannivannan

  Alexandra Mitchell  

Stella Chen

Elizabeth Hogan

Ayesha Wasique

Douglas Schofield

Elizabeth Rankin

Delilah Lyses-sApo

Dominic Byrne

Kristina Savic